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Open Trading Network (OTN) – the first platform that offers cross-chain technology to unite all blockchain networks and market participants, and ensure their best interests.

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What is OTN?

Open Trading Network is the first 100% collateralized decentralized exchange which will allow fully secure exchange between the blockchain networks. The OTN foundation is committed to developing the network described in the White Paper and several more applications to help different stakeholders to benefit from the network.
All assets in one place
A single multi-currency wallet to store and exchange your assets. Easily and instantly.
No third-party risks
Your funds are stored in a secure decentralised wallet, ready to be used. They will not be kept or blocked by any exchanges. What’s yours is yours.
Open Trading Network is to supply regulators with all the necessary instruments for regulation.
24/7 trading
Around the clock, fast and transparent trading ensured by the decentralized validation of the transactions-matching process.
Universal tokenization
Trade any assets within a single ecosystem with insured rights of ownership. Exchange between blockchains and systems with no extra registrations, middlemen and commissions.
Secure exchange
Smart contracts ensure fulfilment of the exchange conditions. In case one party does not meet the set conditions, the other party should receive guaranteed insurance in the form of OTN coins.
Quick placement of orders
OTN guarantees fast placement, removal and updating of the existing orders. Centralised matching engines ensure the maximum speed of order processing.
Full transparency of transactions
Decentralized exchange will be partially powered by the centralized engines. The engines will be publishing the records of transactions and uploading historical data on demand. With this approach any market data forge becomes impossible.
Flexible derivatives
Various tools to customize the set of the standard derivatives: options, futures and CFD contracts.
Ready-to-use smart contracts
The full list of business functions can be found in the form of smart contracts, wrapped up in the user-friendly interface. Smart contracts will be releasing tokens with presets depending on the needs of your business.
Functions of tokens
When issuing a token, the business receives ready-to-use solutions for standard business models -- discount systems, loyalty programs, crowdfunding etc. Basic scenarios can be quickly selected from the standard set and get easily customized.
Issue of tokens
Issue tokens on the OTN ecosystem and get them listed automatically. OTN provides methods of reliable assurance of such tokenization and slao simplifies the process.
Integrated payments
Tokens released on the OTN network can be used as payment for goods and services. Accept payments in all existing cryptocurrencies and instantly convert them into the currency required.

How does OTN exchange work?

Learn how OTN will exchange your assets between different blockchain networks using tokenisation. In a single click.

Ultimate solution for the crypto world

Facts here
Market opportunities
Market cap of cryptocurrencies
is experiencing an exponential growth. The amount of cryptocurrencies grows in the geometric progression
Number of exchanges
The cryptocurrency exchange market is growing at a rate of 30% per month
Crypto-transactions amount
As the cryptomarket expands, so does the amount of trading transactions performed on the crypto-assets
*Annual growth percentage Sep 2016 - Sep 2017
Market Challenges
OTN Solutions
1st challenge
Currently all transactions on exchanges do not provide assurances to the parties. Trades can go partially unsecured
OTN will provide guaranteed cross-exchange transactions ensured by the pool of real tokens, and offer tokenization of all crypto and publicly traded assets
2nd challenge
Numerous crypto algorithms do not have a universal communication solution. Transactions can take time to get processed
OTN enables communication of crypto algorithms within one network and offers a secure exchange of cryptocurrencies
3rd challenge
Many assets are difficult to physically transfer or subdivide. Current tokenization technologies may not offer insurance coverage
OTN offers secured encryption, instant exchange and selling of all types of the tokenized assets
4th challenge
Low speed of transactions processing in the Ethereum network. The network is often unable to quickly respond to the emerging market needs
OTN provides a set of customised contracts that will boost the speed of transactions, allow users to issue new tokens and raise funds through the crowdfunding
5th challenge
All existing exchanges and brokers are disintegrated in their operation and provide different exchange rates
OTN will be sharing its API with other exchanges and brokers, thus boosting the liquidity within the network, and stimulating the rapid value growth of the OTN coin
6th challenge
At the moment there are many crypto-exchange projects and most of them are not backed up by any real products
OTN was built with the intention of meeting the demands of millions of existing users by integrating the capabilities of the IQ Option trading platform

100 million OTN tokens

Starting from October 16, 2017 every Monday and 104 weeks onwards a pre-determined number of the OTN tokens will be issued.
At the first stage, OTN tokens will be of the Ethereum’s ERC20 standard.

Tokens distribution:

42,000,000 OTN
will be gifted to the future users of the OTN platform within the following 24 months:
21,000,000 tokens to the IQ Option traders
1,525,275.90 tokens were distributed under the IQ Option's reward policy. New distribution of the remaining tokens is to be determined in the near future.
5,000,000 tokens to the OTN wallet users
to attract more crypto traders to the OTN ecosystem
16,000,000 tokens to the OTN token holders
as a reward for holding OTN tokens, in order to boost capitalisation
28,000,000 OTN
to be distributed among the shareholders and members of the IQ Option team* for the support of the OTN Foundation
30,000,000 OTN
tokens to remain with the OTN Foundation for the future distributions and attraction of strategic partners ( will not be sold).

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Better than ICO

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Current risks of ICO projects
Risks involved in ICO
OTN is different
OTN's approach
1st risk of ICO projects
Often there is no real team or company behind the project
OTN's approach
550+ professionals -- 43 percent of them developers -- are already working on the successful trading platform
2nd risk of ICO projects
Many ICOs don’t have a real product, while their roadmaps are totally imaginative
OTN's approach
OTN has been integrated into the existing profitable trading product with 20,000,000 user base
3rd risk of ICO projects
ICOs are already banned in the US and China – the biggest crypto markets
OTN's approach
OTN strives to be as transparent as possible and to only provide services in countries where they are legal
4th risk of ICO projects
There are NO legal guarantees that the money raised will be used for the project development
OTN's approach
Development of the OTN project is sponsored by IQ Option. No public fundraising needed
5th risk of ICO projects
Many ICOs are solely motivated by the potential profit of their founders
OTN's approach
OTN is a single solution for the multiple issues existing in the crypto world. We need no public funding to prove we are the real thing

How to benefit from the OTN token?

On IQ Option
On the Open Trading
On IQ Option
Pay commission for trading cryptocurrencies IQ Option accepts OTN tokens as a commission payment in accordance with the internal IQ Option rate. The rate may be higher than the one offered by exchanges
On the Open Trading NetworkAfter you convert your OTN tokens to OTN coins
By paying for transactions in the OTN network
By signing blocks of transactions with Proof of Stake consensus algorithm
By using OTN coins as a collateral and acting as a depository

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OTN is being created in partnership with IQ Option -- the leading broker of the world. IQ Option technically and financially supports the project and will ensure its further evolvement.
Dmitrii Kutuzov, Head of Development at OTN
Dmitrii has been selected as the official spokesperson of OTN. He brings a degree in cybersecurity and over 12 years of experience in the IT industry to his appointment. Previous positions of Dmitrii include PHP developer, gaming projects product owner and billing department manager for IQ Option.
550+ professionals
IQ Option has gathered hundreds of talented specialists to work on the challenges of the world of trading. Among them are developers, QAs, designers and data analysts.
Technology stack
At IQ Option we are using most of the existing modern languages for the development of our systems: Java, C#, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Scala, NodeJS, Golang, Python, Theano, TensorFlow and many others.
Russian office
Cyprus office


OTN Airdrop in 2018
OTN will be issuing an airdrop of OTN tokens every quarter starting from January 2018
Learn more
HitBTC listing
OTN tokens are now available for purchase on the prestigious HitBTC exchange.
Learn more
Official representative
Dmitrii Kutuzov -- Head of Development with OTN -- has been appointed the official OTN spokesperson.
Learn more
Blockchain Expo: London Olympia on April 15 & 16 2018
Blockchain industry leaders gather to discuss the development of the blockchain technologies.
Learn more
Token Fest, San Francisco, on March 15 & 16, 2018
Networking event focused on the business and technology of tokenization.
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